We are founded on the belief that everyone has something to teach others and knowledge to share with the world.

Our vision is to build bridges of knowledge transfer and communication to reach the unreachable corners of the planet.

OWLO plans to empower and enable everyone who has the passion in them to share and teach, thus breaking the existing social, economic, geographical and technological barriers


Create an alternative social-network of teachers and students who work with each other by free will.

Provide a user-friendly platform and tools to aid teachers create educational content and conduct live classes

To reduce barriers for interested students to access content and join classes from the comfort of their home or desk


OWLO permits every teacher and student to decide how to teach or learn and provide a free-form environment that is prescription free.

OWLO endeavors to provide you with all the online communication tools necessary to achieve that : video lessons, webcasts , one-on-one video, quizzes, chats etc.

This is to help you save time and increase the level of engagement between teachers and students.